Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Healing Gemstone Jewelry

.Why  would you wear healing gemstone  jewelry or energy jewelry?

Jewelry is worn to make a statement.

 The kings and queens showed their powers and hierarchy wearing the appropriate crowns. 

The rich showed their affluence wearing the dazzling pieces,

Style – uniqueness:
 Celebrities showed their style in their unique chosen piece.

Healing and Energy:
 There is also another reason why people wear jewelry- to heal. To bring positive energy in their lives.

Do gemstones really have healing properties?

Crystals, gemstones, minerals and the metals we use to make our jewelry have been in this earth for a long time.  They have witnessed and absorbed energies from Mother Earth and the celestial universe, over thousands of years.  Crystals may look inert and still, but they are vibrating, vibrating with energy. 

The scientists have acknowledged that fact. One simple example is- the use of crystals in watches or use of quartz in surgical instruments.   Various old civilizations have given thoughts and respect to this aspect of energy and have used it in healing. The Hindus and Buddhists used the Chakras, the Celtics, Native Americans and the Far East civilization; all understood the potentials  the gemstones have for healing.

While we sometimes may feel skeptical like Benjamin Dean, poet, philosopher, holistic healer – who says “How in the world can a rock help to heal?” we find the answer agreeing with him – “Any thing can heal if you can open your heart to it.   Receptivity is a necessity.”

“Healing occurs because stones bring the hidden core of spirit energy to mind” – explains Ms. Elisbeth in her writing.

Healing properties of Gemstone Chart:

There are several resources where you can find the healing properties of different gemstones and crystals, just by searching the Google search.  I'll just give one example.  I use many of them  for cross references, to be sure. 

Cleansing energy jewelry:

Holistic healers and even a lay person like me, who believe that the gemstones have healing powers, are serious about cleansing the gemstones to energize them with positive vibes.

 Because the gemstones, crystals and minerals are here for thousands of years and have absorbed energies, they might have absorbed some negative energy too.  Therefore, it is important to cleanse them and charge them with positive vibes.

“You catch a sight of a beautiful crystal, but when you pick it up it feels strange, you wear a necklace and you feel suffocated, even though there is plenty of wiggle room.  … What you perceive is the invisible ballast “explains Michael Gienger , in his book, Purifying Crystals

Holistic healers use different kinds of cleansing methods: the Sun and Moon method, the running water method (where you let the crystal be under a natural running water source like a river, brook, water falls not tap water), the Reiki, are  just some examples.

Reiki Method:

The one that I’d follow is the Reiki method.

What is Reiki ?

 In a nutshell Reiki is a form of energy balancing, the gentle healing art of hands that is used to help and heal any living thing. 

Mikako Usui , a Japanese Buddhist monk( 1865- 1926) brought this healing art into the modern world from the Far East around 1922.

Reiki method is also used to cleanse any negative energy and charge the gemstones used with positive energy, to manifest its positive healing properties.

I do not have formal Reiki training,  but I use my prayers and cleansing rituals so that the gemstones  I  use in my jewelry may fulfill their healing energies.

One experience I’ll share with you before ending this post.  

 I had made a bracelet with the gemstone,  apatite.  Apatite has the power to control appetite, or  help with emotional eating.  I had given that to a friend whom I wanted to help.   She was struggling with her weight loss.

 She  came back after six months losing significant amount of weight and gaining a lot of self confidence.

 I am sure her positive thinking, creative visualization, receptivity to my good wishes and hard work all contributed to that result.  But I cherish her comment –“Your bracelet was beautiful to wear in parties, and whenever I thought of taking second helpings on my plate,  the amazing apatite beads held my hand.”

You may want to read her story here.-, The Healing Blue Apatite  


motidana said...

Wow , your friend must be really happy to receive the apatite bracelet , and it`s so nice that it helped her loose weight . Like you friend mentioned , I too believe in the Healing power of gemstones not blindly but more as a symbol of a confidence booster and a reminder associated with it
Years back my mother gave me a carnelian ring which is always on my finger when I am traveling abroad , giving me the feeling of safety in a strange place .

Anindita Basu said...

Thank you Motidana for your comment and sharing your story.

Suela said...

I didnt know about this power of gemstones. Thanks for sharing it.

Anindita Basu said...

Thank you Suela for taking the time to write this comment. I so love to hear from my readers

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

I love gemstones! They are the very reason I began wearing jewelry. Now, I enjoy adding gems to my handcrafted jewelry. Thank you for reminding me of the healing aspects of jewels! :)

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