Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birth of a jewelry website

A new website for my jewelry artist friends is born recently- named
The purpose of it is three folded:

1. It should help fellow jewelry artists like my self who are passionate about beading

2. Nurture the mommy aspect. Using the skill of beading we want to involve our children in learning something new, or as a mom learn something new about their world. We want to leave a legacy incorporating our beading wisdom!

3.Provide resources, ideas and strategies to be successful in running the home jewelry business

As I was creating it I was thinking of the young mothers like my sister Mou in India, my daughter Antara, who is going to be a mom soon and the many moms I became friends with, while I was a Montessori teacher for twenty years.

I am a bit techno challenged. I have come a long way since last July. Now I am getting more and more easy with blogging and all that.

Hey, Google blogging is much easier for me but I had no concept of web designing. I came to this reference of SBI and with their help this new web child is born.

Well, SBI is great and they have really kept their promise when they talk about over delivering. But there is an amazing amount of content to digest. It took me a couple of months to kind of understand and eventually launch the site.

I highly recommend SBI for its helpfulness. Whenever I am stuck I posted my problem in the forum and within 24 hours I got some help.

So now you know why I was so, so late in my blogging or uploading my stuff in the etsy store.
Do visit for there are two or three new jewelry patterns and quite a bit of info for the mommy part. Please be patient, the web site is just new born, in very delicate stage. It will become strong, and purposeful, I assure. Just come to visit it like a loving aunt or uncle or with your grandmotherly/fatherly charm. See ya- Dita.
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