Friday, November 27, 2009

The Knitted Galaxy

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There is so much to share. I spent almost a month in D.C. with my new friend little ZZ. She is about nine months old. She gave me a big welcome at the airport as soon as she saw me. She had been waiting in the baggage claim area with her dad.

She gave me a big toothless smile waving her all four arms and legs like a little joey from her dad's kangaroo pouch.

We went to see many things in D.C. in these three weeks which will be unfolded here one by one and I want to tell you how it affected me in my creative process.

One day we went to visit the NASA museum where ZZ's mom works as a post doc in the field of Astronomy. I was amazed at the stories and huge pictures/models of the galaxies. Many things were explained to me, but those mathematical, analytical info went over my head. I was dumbfound at the magical beauty and vastness of the whole thing. It kind of transcended me spiritually.

My inside wanted to create something as an ode to the Supreme Creator. That night I had strange dreams.

When the morning sun beams peeked in, in that wee hour, while every one was still sleeping I created my first piece of knitted jewelry.

I made it for little ZZ. A tiny bracelet- only 2 1/2 inches long. But it gave me some ideas, practice, gauge and dimension sense that I could count on, and the next few days I was creating knitted jewelry like crazy. Here I show two- (at the right of this page.)

Check my etsy store as I am going to upload each day.

FREE SHIPPING for this week until December 2.

If you do not want to go through etsy, or live close by where I do not need to ship you, I can pass the saving so that you don't have to pay sale tax. I'll pay for your tax. My way of saying THANK YOU for the THANKS GIVING occasion.

I also have a craft show this month :

Saturday, December 5, 9 am - 2:30 pm
in a church-19001 San Ramon Valley Blvd. San Ramon CA.
I'll be happy to see you there.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Soul of Somanya

My beads from Africa have come!

Look at them! Aren't they awesome?

These black and white beads are called Krobo beads. They are made from recycled glass ground up in large mortar and pestle by hand, then fired using traditional techniques, that is, home made clay molds, home made clay ovens fired with wood, and then hand painted and again fired after each color is applied.

No, I did not do all that stuff. These beads are created in Africa.

The Soul of Somanya is a small organization entirely staffed by volunteers. They are located in Somanya- Krobo in Ghana's Eastern Region, where they are working to develop sustainable employment opportunities in the field of bead work for working -age orphans and other young people whose job prospects are very limited.

These decorative ear wires either sterling silver or copper, are designed by these young orphan artisans. They incorporated traditional Ghanian Adinkra symbols into the head pins. Each symbol has a special message or meaning.

One means Safety Security and Love, another- Friendship and Interdependence. I have elaborated them in my etsy store with the respective earring.

After I bought these, Melody, one of the organizers wrote to me- "...your first order allowed us to pay eight artisans a living wage for a whole day of work".

I wished I could do more. That will only depend if I can sell them. By the way shipping is free if you order between November 25- December 2, 2009.

After I got them in the mail I was so emotional. How beautiful these wire designs are..
. simple, yet so complex!

I integrated ox red ruby quartz in some, wood spacer beads in another and added autumn- copper, dark Czech glass beads to another set. Each one is unique.

The whole afternoon spilled into the evening hours and then into night until my dear husband asked if I thought about cooking dinner tonight or should he get some take outs.

I felt embarrassed.

Well, Happy ThanksGiving !
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