Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 7 FOCUS ON LIFE - Flower Power

Flower  is the topic of this week's post.

 I joined this journey with Sally Russick On Focus on Life and that is what we are focusing on this week.

Somewhere I read that  Flowers are Mother Earth's smile

I love that quote.  I don't know who said that though.

Flowers are hopes to me.  You plant a seed and when you have almost forgotten about it, little flowers crop up and say -   Hey, remember once you wished me... Here I am.

It gives me  confidence that things will turn out just right when I am least expecting it.  It reminds me that the things that are important are:

* taking  action - plant the seed
*being  consistent in nourishing it - water it
*relaxing  - just having  some faith.

These I apply in life too.

So, as I take my walk, going on with my life, I remind myself to pause and stoop down to appreciate a smiling flower some times.

There are surprises in each nook and corner .

When I reached home I found that the cymbidium orchid near my door steps are in full bloom now.  I love their peridot color and the tiny brown dots inside.  What a color combination!  I'll have to remember this when I work with my peridot beads.

And I thought it is too cold for orchids to bloom now.  I lost all hope and put them outside.

 How much do I know!  Mother Earth smiled one more time at my ignorance.  Here are my cymbidium orchids.

You know what?  Today is our anniversary.  38 years of togetherness in the journey of life.

To celebrate that we have bought many things on this very date through out these years.  Some are  expensive, some not.  Now if you ask us we may not remember those things,  but do you know what stood the test of time?

The flowering cherry tree we planted on our third anniversary.

Thirty five years every spring it blooms  profusely and smells so heavenly  that when I look up I remember one more time that it is Mother Earth's way of smiling to me.

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