Monday, February 13, 2012

A tutorial on Herring bone wire wrap style with a twist - the caged herring bone wire work earring

Herring bone wire work
I learned the caged herringbone style of wire work this weekend.  In fact, it started from Friday night after dinner.  I was so engrossed that I did not know when it turned 2:38 in my digital clock! So it is Saturday now!

I wasted a lot of wire.  No problem with the tutorial, Mei  was excellent with her direction, it is just me.  I tried with various gauge wire and found the most obedient, nice and pretty one for my fingers  was my 26 g art wire.  I also used some real silver and gold filled wire, for people who only care for the real stuff.

Yes, I learned this technique from a tutorial by Mei  .  She is just wonderful.  I knew how to do the herringbone style before.  But Mei pointed out a very important thing in this tutorial and actually that is the crucial part.  In normal  herring bone style  the 24  wire ( thinner) goes in front of   the 20 g wire (thicker),  in caged herring bone, it goes back and forth, once behind the 20 g and in the   the next step it reverses, meaning the 24 g goes in front of the 20 g.  The point is in normal herring bone style I was doing a bit differently before, now I learned some thing very important doing this tutorial and  my coils look much cleaner.

I am so greatful to her, and also to this age, when you can learn from the top mentors of the world.  We are all connected with this incredible net!

So here are my little pieces.  Some of them are going to my etsy store too.

Caged Herringbone Earring

All my creation this weekend

Which one do you like better- the normal herring bone or the caged herring bone?


Sandra Young said...

I prefer the open herringbone but I also really like the caged on your pendant. I'd use both in my work if I did it!

alankarshilpa said...

Thank you Sandra. The necklace came out really cute. I love the pieces you have in your blog. Namaste.

Sher said...

I love the wired jewelry. Amazing how time gets away from your when you aer so into what you're doing.

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