Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Bleeding Heart - a knitted bracelet in red

Here is a bracelet knitted with memories and thanks.

This blog is about that... memories and thanks.

It is about  the memory of  a person who is important in my life.

Just one person?  Hmmm.

The idea came from our dear friend Lori Anderson who organizes  bead soup parties each year and we wait anxiously to be part of it.

We came to know from her blog about the sad story about Marianna, who was   just another interested  bead loving party hopper like us,  but could not make it at the end.  This blog is to  honor her and the friendship we all share.

The healing heart - a knitted bracelet with all shades of red

Marianna loved red.  As I was fiddling with my beads and the thoughts about memories and friendships, many faces were   coming to me.  Some of them have passed away, like my mom's, who also loved red, and some friends' whom I have never seen but met in the virtual web land, one of them is  Lori Anderson.

This blog is dedicated to them, who have given me so much in life.

As I knit the red  beads-  scarlet, sienna and crimson, all the shades of red in the grey C lon yarn I feel a strange special art is,  and how it heals.  I remember the saying -
 "Art washes away the dirt from our  every day life"- Picasso.

About this piece- I got the central  idea from Earthfaire, even though I have used different shades of beads  They have the kit too, and it is quite lovely.  if you want to know more.

 I like to knit and have tried jewelry pieces with knitted wire style before .  This one is with yarn. This is my  first mixed media venture.

Please visit all the other blogs that are taking part honoring memories and friendship.

Friday, January 11, 2013


Week 2 prompt from Sally Russik's blog project: - A WORD

My word is LOVE.

I was thinking what is the most important thing to me today and the word that floated up is LOVE.

There is not much to talk about it because it is a feeling.


With these thoughts I'll show you what I created recently this week :

A Knitted silver  heart with garnet and hessonite  

Now let's go to Sally's site on Focusing on Life one photo a week and see what all the other participants have for us for this week2
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