Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wrapped in love

I am studying about gemstones and it is very interesting the way they are opening up to me. I had some turquoise beads and I learned that the turquoise has the power to open up all the chakras, allowing the stone's power of love and communication to flow through the entire being. However, the healers associate it primarily with the throat (5 th chakra) - the center of communication, creativity and spiritual bonding. Turquoise can also help open up for giving and receiving love. Its true blue color sybolizes the spirit of sky source for spiritualists.

There were some lapis also on the tray. I came to know that the lapis makes the wearer aware and wise.

I grabbed some silver gray pearls.

Looking at them all I visualized a young girl who has fallen in love, can't quite make sure if it is right and at the same time cannot overcome the shyness.

It is for her I'm going to create this piece. I'll wrap them with silver and pray may she get all the help from these healing beads and then speak up for what she stands for. May she get all the luck and all the courage to win.
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