Thursday, April 21, 2011

What did I do with my buttons?

What did I do with my buttons?

I'm late, I'm late - I feel like that rabbit in Alice in wonderland.  I live in California, so my day starts out a bit later than most of my blog hopping friends.  On top of that I spent a whole lot of the day today thinking about the design, then  creating my bracelet ( yes, I am one of those last minute persons...I don't want to be...but

When I was kind of satisfied I found the day  light is almost gone.  Well, still I took advantage of that slanting last beam of the afternoon sun ray on my window sill and I'll show you in a minute what I did.

I started with the lady.  I name this piece "She- and  her dreams".  This button is  sent by Cat.  It took me a long time to find out what I want to put in here.  Then I thought that keeping it most simple,  knitting it  with   waves and waves of  dreams and thoughts is what this piece should be all about.  I thought of my mom (who has passed away in 2007) as I was making it.
I am so anxious to see what the others have done with their buttons.  Please do hop on their blogs too.  Here is the list and a short notice from Michelle who kindly arranged this whole BUTTON project.

Here is Michelle's note:

You might also want to tell your readers about the giveaway--if readers comment on any (or all) blogs, they can win a set of buttons.  The full rules will be on my blog, but basically, each comment on a different blog gets them one entry.  So if they comment on all posts, that would be 25 entries!  But if they comment 25 times on Lori's blog, that only counts as one entry!  The giveaway is open to everyone.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions.




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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yeh! My Buttons

My Buttons

I was in this button swapping project. I  had to choose some buttons for my partner Cat from boo beads and send it to her.

Similarly I received a nice pack of buttons from her too.  Like her, I love buttons made of natural materials too.

Aren't they beautiful?  Cat made the copper one herself and her mom made the one with the letter D.  I am so touched to receive hand made buttons.

O, I forgot to mention that I found some vintage copper buttons from an old jacket.  I discarded the jacket but saved the buttons to share with Cat.

Cat and I both saved one sample piece  of each button for our selves and would share later what we did with them.  In the mean time, my head is working more than my hands and that is the hard part.  Now I just have to carve a couple of quiet hours when I can totally immerse in the creative process.

Well, it is 9:39pm now.  The night is still pretty young to me.  I should rather be beading than blogging.


Monday, April 18, 2011

7000 Bracelets For Hope

7000 Bracelets for Hope- What a touching thing to organize.  Every time I visit Lori's blog I get some thing new and enthusiastic.

The project is that we have to make a bracelet with BLUE ( Denim blue is their awareness color).  This bracelet then  has to be sent to the Global Genes Project ( The address is:
7000 Bracelets of Hope /Global Genes Project
24701 La Plaza Suite 201
Dana Point, CA 92629 .

The Global Genes Project, an advocacy group for children's rare disease awareness is going to send it to the seven thousand families having children with rare diseases to show them love and support. You may visit this site to see how you can help.

112 jewelry artists have already joined knowing it from Lori's blog.  You can see their wonderful work if you visit Lori's blog to get the links.

I wanted to be a part of it too.  So what if I am late!  Better late than never.  So, I started thinking about my blue bracelet.

My thoughts took me to Sedona, Arizona where I went last year.  I was pretty sick at that time.  I remembered buying some turquoise beads  from a bead shop and then I  was sitting facing the red monolinths, waiting for my husband.

An interesting feeling came to me.  I had heard about the vortex power of Sedona.  I closed my eyes and prayed that may the beads in my hand have magic power to heal and cure the wearer.  I don't know  who'd get these beads in future, but I had known the healing power of turqoise.

I prayed for myself too, may I be cured soon, so that I can sit and do my beading.  My prayers were answered.  I hope the rest be true too.

 With these thoughts I created this bracelet with tiny turquoise and silver  beads.  They are  individually strung and then I  knitted the silver wire part with a pair of very thin knitting needles to form the half circle part.  At the end  I finished  adding  some oval turquoise beads and silver adornments as you see in the picture. There is an extender to accommodate different wrist sizes.

I'll send it soon to the address given with a note and my prayer.  May it heal a child.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going Green

Go Green

As the signs of spring hop in, tiny new leaves on the branches, the wisteria blooms with lovely lavender blossoms and the gold finches swing on my bird feeder I feel like giving Mother Earth one big hug again.  Thank you for being so beautiful.

I become extra vigilant to protect her.  I take oath to think more how to reuse and recycle more the things  I already have.

I have  to ship some one a box .  I was going to buy one but then I found a box  just across the room that had  brought some materials for me the other day.  I decided to use this box.  I repacked it using some nice contact paper.

Now I save the bubble mailers that were posted to me and just put a nice piece of contact paper on it and use it to ship my things. I save money in buying the mailers  which I'd rather use to buy a delivery confirmation when I ship something.  In my etsy store it will not make a difference that way.

I learned a lot of tricks from the Eco etsy site and their ideas stimulate me to think new ways of going green. 


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