Saturday, January 5, 2013


 Focusing  on myself was the first thing I started this year with.

 I mean  I learned  a  new thing this  New Years day.  It  is  taking self portrait in my smart phone.  This smart phone makes me feel pretty dumb at times and this New Year's day  its  smirk  made  me  feel like... I want to try  to shape up.  Really..

 You can say, out of a zillion resolutions I  make around this early January days,  becoming a  bit  more tech savvy is  one of them.

 Talking about using the smart phone for taking photos,  I mean taking my own picture  I had to take  at least  30 shots and out of them only a couple  came out okay  good. This one I like best.

As I was browsing through my favorite blogs I came to Sally's site.  She is having this cool project of Focusing on Life . Taking self portrait was the very first project.  .

It makes sense.  Everything starts from within, within thy self.

I was pretty happy to find that out.  How strangely thought waves link. 
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