Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008- a historical day

Today is a special day in the history of the U.S. , also for the whole world. It's almost midnight, so before the date turns I rush to post my blog.

America has a new president, who happens to be black.

It's a special day because we, the majority of the nation were anxiously waiting for this moment for a long long time. I'll remember my friend's son asking his daddy to loan him some money so that he can contribute to Obama's campaign.

I'll remember the lady whom I saw in the T.V. in Hillary Clinton's campaign. She came to vote for Hillary, but her nine year old son begs mom to vote for Obama. He has read Obama's blogs, his propositions and promises- but poor thing cannot vote yet. Mom confesses her dilemma. with tears in her eyes.

Ann Cooper , the 106 year old black lady had seen enough drama through the whole century. She had no right to vote one day, as she is a black woman. Today she came to vote, to see a black son as the president of the nation.

What is it that moved us so much in this event? It happens every four years any way. I think it is because we all relate with him deeply some how, some where. The President always mentions that the struggle is ours, the victory is ours, the failure or success will depend on us, not just him- but us.

This involvement somehow empowers you. You feel energized to do the things you do best- do the best you can, no less than that.

Today, America feels a gush of warm blood inside, ready to make a change. Let's change. Change for better.

Yes we can.
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