Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Storing Beading Tools

Storing or organizing the beads,  beading supplies and the  tools  is quite a job.

Here, I found a great idea for storing the  beading tools.  I was keeping them inside a big cup or jar, or   laid them  flat on a tray but some how they tend to get all mixed up.  Inside the cup or jar they got tangled with each other and it was cumbersome- did not quite work out.

My friend, Suparna, another jewelry artist from Ottawa, Canada came up with a fantastic idea.  She uses a bangle display to stand her tools.  The legs of the tools are just right for that width of the bangle holder  and the tools  look really organized and beautiful.

 Suparna chose a Rajastani wooden bangle holder from India.  Even if I can not manage to find such a lovely piece, I think an ordinary velvet bracelet holder will also do the trick.

Organizing beading tools

Another shot

A better picture added- This  image credit :  Suparna.M.

How do you store your beads and tools?  Please leave your comment with your link so that we can visit your wonderful site too.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bead Soup Cooking- getting ready for the 3rd reveal

I am in the 3 rd group for the  Lori Andersen's Bead soup party.  Yes, we  got some extra time in the kitchen.

Well, I had been all over the world the past three months.  First, in India, then to Washington DC - at the other side of USA - three thousand miles away from my home town...and then the last leg was Ottawa Canada, a visit to my high school friend.  While I was flying I was thinking that it is high time for me to sit down with my diary and sketch out my resolution plan for the new  year 2013.  On the hand hand, the year is four month's old third of its life is spent...its not so new any more...oh well.

I was greeted with a basketful of mails to be read when I came home.  But one of the sweetest thing was a yellow packet from Iveth Caruso, from Creative Atelier,  my new  friend, and  my bead soup partner for this year.

I took my shoes off, and my coat off and sat down to open the packet right away- what  did she send me?

 Iveth wrote-  I think  it is not too spicy.

Like Goldilock,  I felt -  It's not too hot, not too cold...just right!

I love the focal she sent and the beautiful hand hammered clasp.  Iveth told me ahead that her favorite colors are blue and green and indeed she sent me what she loves.  That's call sharing- you give  what you love. I was touched.

Iveth's packet for the Bead Soup

I was thinking of the colors of this years- 2013  spring fashion trend  -  the dusk blue and gray jade, all the cool  hues of blue and here I have just the right shades to make some thing special for this spring.

Fantastic focal

Yes, the ingredients are ready, now I have to cook it up.  Stay tuned and drop by April 20 to see what we have done.  Make sure to check out Iveth's bowl too and all the other participants.

 This is my 4th year in Bead Soup parties.  I love to cook  bead soups
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