Saturday, July 12, 2008

Part of a big neclace

Aren't we just part of a big necklace? Individually we are just small beads, may be nothing exciting,but then in the pattern of the big necklace we all serve our important part. Like a speck of dust, or rather a small star in the gigantic nebula. Oh what a pattern!

Patterns, patterns, patterns. I see them all over, now that I have started beading. What a hobby!
Especially I see them in my garden and took several pictures this morning. Like the little pansy flower. Look at the shades of purple it has, or the lacy subdued green on the dark crimson coleus leaf. I am sure I am going to steal them for my jewelry designs.

Today I uploaded a necklace in my etsy store.
I'll show you the picture -it's at the top.

Part of a Necklace

Aren't we just part of a big necklace? Like a speck of dust or rather a star in the pattern og a galaxy? That what came to my mind. Individually we are like isolated beads, not that charming. But in a necklace pattern we all serve a reason.
Patterns, patterns, patterns. I see them all over now , now that I am so much into beading. What a hobby!!
I took quite a few picures in the garden today. So many different shades of purple in a pansy. See.

The coleus leaf have such a striking border- the dark crimson laced by subdued green. I think I'll take that into my jewelry.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Support each other

I was reading a book this morning -"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron where the author says we cannot do it alone. Though the artist's journey is solitary yet we are so connected. I felt I need to connect with a community who feels the same way, who are going with the same self doubt sometimes ( would my art sell?) , and the very next moment may have a brilliant idea about putting together a design and feel great.
The new community has nothing to do with my existing friends. My existing friends from other area and my family may understand and know me for a while, yet may have no clue what I go through as an artist.
I call myself artist? Well, why not? We all are, except most of us , grown ups, do not dare to unleash that. May be I am a mediocre one, but hey, I do get all the artist's bug bite for sure.
To connect, I found a fellow jewelry artist from the Etsy site whose work I liked and hearted her, went to her blog and left a comment. I think that's a pretty good start for me.
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