Friday, July 11, 2008

Support each other

I was reading a book this morning -"The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron where the author says we cannot do it alone. Though the artist's journey is solitary yet we are so connected. I felt I need to connect with a community who feels the same way, who are going with the same self doubt sometimes ( would my art sell?) , and the very next moment may have a brilliant idea about putting together a design and feel great.
The new community has nothing to do with my existing friends. My existing friends from other area and my family may understand and know me for a while, yet may have no clue what I go through as an artist.
I call myself artist? Well, why not? We all are, except most of us , grown ups, do not dare to unleash that. May be I am a mediocre one, but hey, I do get all the artist's bug bite for sure.
To connect, I found a fellow jewelry artist from the Etsy site whose work I liked and hearted her, went to her blog and left a comment. I think that's a pretty good start for me.

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