Friday, January 20, 2012

Bead Storage and organizing my work space finally

Bead storage and organizing them  is a big job for me

This is how it looked last Saturday at 12:14 .  I was so furious at me to bring it to this condition...

But the other me whined - Laa...ter.

So I set a timer and decided to race and see how much can be done in half an hour.

Not bad, eh!  The table top is much controlled. 

Beads are put away according to color in proper zip loc bags.

Then I put another half an hour timer setting.


At this point my husband came to take a peek.  Tres formidab. 

He asked if I'd like to go out to get a bite in the neighborhood cafe.


I have gotten the momentum.

I changed the table covers with the single bed sheets I bought in India.  It reminds me of the local artisans there. Besides, Black and white is my theme.

I made a place where my finished jewelry are kept for loading at Etsy.

Now my one resolution is to keep it this way, and that is a hard one I know.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A book Review on Making Money through Etsy

I bumped on to a book today while I was in the library.  It was the book I just mentioned above.   I checked it out and as  I was going through it I found I wished I could renew it, but this book is in demand.

Therefore,  I decided to quickly jot down what I have learned and  start my  home work for the immediate future- the “ to do list”, you know

This book is  valuable for  novice and  veteran Etsians, both.  In the beginning the author will take you by the hand to show all the different features of Etsy.  I knew those but there were so many things I did not know!

The things I was not seriously aware are:

* Importance of Key words search before putting them on  for title and tags.  From now on I’ll research the google key word search  tool, the Etsy competition, and all those before I list an item. I had read it in storque before, but the author showed me the exact meaning  of these terms. I understood the importance of a niche now.

*Importance of the consistency in blogging.  I knew it but now I really understand how vital it is  (even though I also know how hard this commitment is).

* The fact that blogging is not talking about YOU but about writing what PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW and HOW to give it to them.

Here the author also helped to find out the most important things people look for in blogs.  I’ll try to remember those ten things and give them in my blog.

*My next home work is understanding the Face book Fan page thing and work on it.

*And then for making some money for my blog , I’ll have to  look in to Project Wonderful.   I have not done it yet, but going to.

I have become a fan and follower of his blog

I highly recommend this book.  Please be informed  that I have no monetary  affiliation with Tim’s book or his site.  I just think he did a good job and that’s all.

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