Sunday, April 26, 2009


"Obsidian is basically a lava rock. When volcanic lava cools rapidly, it forms a shiny black glass known as obsidian. It is typically dark gray but may be pure black and opaque with a vitreous luster...."- gabbed the guy from the other group.

We are in Yosemite. The huge El Capitan stands straight and strong. The Half dome is half draped bathed in the afternoon sun rays. The Bridal Veil falls with voluptuous abundance . What a breath- taking beauty!

I look at the giant red wood tree fallen right in the meadow, now horizontal, half burnt in a fire, all roots gone.

She lived a thousand years. What message does she tells me?

But no, I back off. I must not go too close. They have very fragile root system, I might hurt her. But she has no roots, silly!

I read that out of a million acorn seeds only one may have the potential to be a real red wood tree. Most of them don't make it.

Yet, there are baby trees growing all around the dead giant, full of promises. The wild lupines adorn them with royal purple gowns.

I remember the picture of the Native American old lady, busy weaving her basket who used to live here some hundred years ago.

I come back home, light my table lamp and look for a round obsidian bead.
I drape the bead with silver wire in a basket weaving fashion. It is called the herring bone pattern.

As I look at the dark obsidian in the center her vitreous lustre and fine lines whisper all kinds of gossips and stories of the yester years.
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