Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Divine Eye

I am all wired up and for the last few days since my last blog I have learned so
much.The Herringbone pattern that I have talked about made me create a set of earrings and a bangle. Though there is room for improvement, I'll show and tell. I call it The Divine Eye

Isn't it interesting that I happen to meet another Etsian from India who also has the same Herringbone pattern in her shop? I say that because this is not a very common pattern and I have never seen it before. She calls it The Eye of Nephthys.

Susmitha, my new friend from Bangalore has awesome creative stuff at

I have also taken two tutorials from Eni O Kens and came up with some earring designs. The second tutorial, The Netted Cap was pretty darn intricate and I might have deviated from the main pattern at the end, somewhere. Well, I created something my very own.

After a lot of wrestling with the wires at some point the muse take you by your hand to some undiscovered cove, to some side track trails and you get surprised by your
own discovery. You see a very new pattern, that is unique, just very much your own.

I don't mind if it is not the real Netted Cap. I made quite a few earrings with this new pattern. The one I showed in the picture I call it Garnets lost in Sea Foam

To take a break and thinking of a little friend who loves to wear bracelets I made a very simple one with the tiniest hematite hearts and pearl.

Two important things have happened to me also.
1.I joined an organization acronamed SRAJD
Self Representing Artists and Jewelry Designers.
2. I decided to be part of the women for women .org project who helps women entrepreneurs and artisans from Afghanistan, Africa and such places.

I am happy to see that there are like minded people who value hand made products over mass commercial stuff, who respect people who are trying to make a living using their hands and their talent.

Where the hands go there the eyes should follow
Where the eyes go there the mind
Where the mind there the feeling
Where the feeling there the mood.

-An old Sanskrit saying.

The Divine Eye

The last few days I was totally wired up. The Herringbone pattern that I had learned from Eni O Ken kept me pretty busy and I came up with two finished pieces. I'll show the pictures of the earring and the necklace.There is still room for perfection but I am excited to show and tell. I call it "The Divine Eye".

Interestingly recently I came across another fellow Etsian who is also originally from India and sells from Bangalore. She has the same pattern in her store.She called it The Eye of Nephthys.Susmith's work is beautiful. Check it out at

In the mean time I downloaded two more tutorials and got totally crazy staying up till 2 and 3 am. Sometimes the muse is taking me to a different route and I explore surprises, hidden treasures, side tracks, a totally awesome experience. Through this adventure and wresting with the wires I am creating new designs(which I'll be able to show next time).

To take a break I made a simple bracelet for a young girl who loves bracelet. I hope atleast young girls like my pattern. I named it simplicity.

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