Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bead Soup Party

Yeh! My packet has arrived!  Ingredients of the Bead Soup.

Anxiously I open the packet that has come all the way from Burlington in Canada.  My new friend, Alicia sent me these precious beads

I love the focal bead- a beautiful amethyst, oval in shape, yet maintains the natural shape of the stone.  It has beautiful stripes.  I am going to wrap it with sterling silver wire.  But before the final, I am going to practice the new wire wrapping tutorial I got,  with copper wire.

Oh, I am so excited.  Alicia was so thoughtful to send me all sort of purple, lavender, violet beads for me- some amethyst chips, amethyst crystals, fresh water pearls, some cute glass beads of the similar shade and some quartz beads too.

Thank you, thank you my friend.  I love what you sent me so thoughtfully.

And now that I know she  also have my soup packet I may reveal them to you and my thoughts too.

There is this focal bead that I got from my friend, Terri - Look at her stash in her store it is really beads2die4 with no pun intended.

To be honest, I thought twice before giving this hand crafted polymer  bead away, but I thought Alicia will be able to do a better job with this beautiful bead than me. So...

Actually there are two focal beads - (two focii?) The second is a  donut jade. I thought I should send it to Alicia after visiting her store. Look at the beautiful necklace she made with that turquoise bead!

Looking forward to seeing what Alicia does with these beads.

And thank you Lori,  for doing this huge project. You have opened an amazing door for us!

Now it is time to do some blog hopping.


Instead - another book

But instead,  I got carried away by another  book ( that has nothing to do with Etsy business)  that I am reading now.  It is by Nicole Krauss- The History of Love.  I love her style a lot.  I am at page 89 now, I am so itching to find another soul who has read it too, or is reading to share little things.. Any way that's all for today.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Power of Tiger Eye - A Pearl and Red gemstone Earring That Brings a Zen Mood

 The power of tiger eye :

I just finished this earring piece today and very surprisingly I was in a calm, tranquil zen mood, yet I kind of felt a sense of confidence ( that does not come all the time, really ).  But today, it did.  I felt some sort of courage and a feeling that with baby steps I'll finish what has to be done.  If it does not get done that is fine too...

So in  this kind of a chin- high mood  I am bringing my humble little creation. Here it is:

Now when I look closely and pick up the piece I feel the smooth tiger eye gemstone chips between my fingers,  and then I look into my Healing Gemstone book and to my surprise I see that yes, tiger eye does have the power to bring courage and self confidence.  It also brings luck.   How strange!

I hope it brings the same mood and feeling to the person who wears it, With this thought I put it away in a little pouch ready to go to my etsy store

Now, I am going to browse  the book that I recently got. It is  about How to sell your craft online - by Derrick Sutton.  Did you have a chance to check it?  I'll soon post a book review on it.  So stay tuned.
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