Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bead Soup Party

Yeh! My packet has arrived!  Ingredients of the Bead Soup.

Anxiously I open the packet that has come all the way from Burlington in Canada.  My new friend, Alicia sent me these precious beads

I love the focal bead- a beautiful amethyst, oval in shape, yet maintains the natural shape of the stone.  It has beautiful stripes.  I am going to wrap it with sterling silver wire.  But before the final, I am going to practice the new wire wrapping tutorial I got,  with copper wire.

Oh, I am so excited.  Alicia was so thoughtful to send me all sort of purple, lavender, violet beads for me- some amethyst chips, amethyst crystals, fresh water pearls, some cute glass beads of the similar shade and some quartz beads too.

Thank you, thank you my friend.  I love what you sent me so thoughtfully.

And now that I know she  also have my soup packet I may reveal them to you and my thoughts too.

There is this focal bead that I got from my friend, Terri - Look at her stash in her store it is really beads2die4 with no pun intended.

To be honest, I thought twice before giving this hand crafted polymer  bead away, but I thought Alicia will be able to do a better job with this beautiful bead than me. So...

Actually there are two focal beads - (two focii?) The second is a  donut jade. I thought I should send it to Alicia after visiting her store. Look at the beautiful necklace she made with that turquoise bead!

Looking forward to seeing what Alicia does with these beads.

And thank you Lori,  for doing this huge project. You have opened an amazing door for us!

Now it is time to do some blog hopping.



adlinah said...

That amethyst focal bead is stunning. I can't wait to see your wire-wrapped creation on Mar 3. I love the focal you sent to your partner too. I'm pretty sure I would have kept it for myself if it had been me .....I'm selfish that way. :-).

Pretty Things said...

I can't wait to see what the two of you make! Beautiful colors!

Kashmira said...

Love the amethyst focal and also the one you sent. Also like how you have a little note about everything. I need to remember to do that :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me luck with the submissions. Lets see how that goes!

Also...looks like we are not too far from each other, I am in Santa Clara. Maybe we will run into each other some day!

Kashmira said...

Hi Dita...just saw your comment on my blog. Wanted to email u, but could not find your addy on your blog. Would be nice to do a craft show together...let's talk :)

Alicia said...

Wonderful, I am so glad you like them - I was in love with the Amethyst focal too, and I thought you might wire-wrap it, I can't wait to see the end result!
And yes, Dita did a much better job at packaging than I did - lesson learned for next time :) The little notes she sent are as delicious as the soup :)

Almost Precious said...

Receiving you surprise Bead Soup package must have been like Christmas. Opening it up to find such an array of wonderful gifts.
Can't wait to see how you put it all together, I'm certain it will be amazing.

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