Monday, January 30, 2012

Amethyst and green quartz earring

This  amethyst and green earring is what I made this weekend.  The green quartz has such a beautiful hue. First I thought it was peridot.  But no,  it has a mint and olive mixed tint.  And it is called prasiolite.  Wow!   what a mouthful name.

PRASIOLITE, kind of pretty and classy, isn't it?   It is also called green quartz, the vendor  in the Gem Show explained.

I decided to get it any way because   it is highly faceted, and beautiful.  I did get some blue ones too.  They are very pretty too.  But let me tell you about this earring.

As I was playing with these two tear drops in my palm, I thought of the purple amethyst beads I had also.  Purple and green together  looks so good to me, and it reminded me of the wisteria tree I have.  The amethyst beads looked just like those violet wisteria flowers playing hide and seek with the green leaves.

Oh,  that is the most favorite thing in my whole garden and it blooms just around my birthday, in April

Any way, coming back to my earring this Sunday, here it is.  I was going to make it longer, but then I thought it is very romantic when it just brushes the jaw line some times.

There is a lot of loveliness in this cute earring piece.  The gemstones are so gentle and protective, as if they will hold the wearer's face with much love, and take care so that no harm can come to her.

Oh yes, that is what I  learned reading several healing stone books and from  respectable sites.

Green quartz transmits negative energy to positive, inspires creativity attracting wealth and  abundance.

Amethyst guards against psychic attacks , geopathic and electromagnetic stresses like envy, or ill wishes of others.

So, wouldn't it be a wonderful thing for Valentine Day?  What do you think?

Oh I should also show you the one with the blue quartz.

Which one do you like better, blue or green?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jewelry Tools- Three Absolutely Necessary Ones..

What are the three absolutely necessary jewelry tools or supply that you cannot do with out?

Say, you are stuck in a remote island for one year.  And these are the only tools you may choose for your survival-(basic life and artistic life both).  What are you going to take?

I was poked with this interesting  thought by Rena from her blog (one of my most favorite one) . And I could not sleep until 3'o clock in the morning!

Then I came up with these three :

1. Wire.  I can use it for my basic survival- to tie many things if I need to and make jewelry, since I am stuck for one whole year.
2. Wire cutter, or rather just a nail clipper.  This can help me clip and file my nails in this remote island and also cut my wire.
3. Round nose pliers.  That will be handy to poke holes, It has a central spot that can do some grabbing, gripping kind of jobs and then if the Muse Goddess does show up, I'll have some thing to show Her Highness about my passion of jewelry making.

So these are my three things.  What would be yours?  Please leave a comment, I am curious !

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