Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jewelry Tools- Three Absolutely Necessary Ones..

What are the three absolutely necessary jewelry tools or supply that you cannot do with out?

Say, you are stuck in a remote island for one year.  And these are the only tools you may choose for your survival-(basic life and artistic life both).  What are you going to take?

I was poked with this interesting  thought by Rena from her blog (one of my most favorite one) . And I could not sleep until 3'o clock in the morning!

Then I came up with these three :

1. Wire.  I can use it for my basic survival- to tie many things if I need to and make jewelry, since I am stuck for one whole year.
2. Wire cutter, or rather just a nail clipper.  This can help me clip and file my nails in this remote island and also cut my wire.
3. Round nose pliers.  That will be handy to poke holes, It has a central spot that can do some grabbing, gripping kind of jobs and then if the Muse Goddess does show up, I'll have some thing to show Her Highness about my passion of jewelry making.

So these are my three things.  What would be yours?  Please leave a comment, I am curious !


zoraida said...

I agree with your choices, Dita. I also read Rena's blog and decided I'd take some copper wire, flat nose pliers and a wire cutter.

Rena Klingenberg said...

Dita, I love your survival choices, and the reasons for them! :)

I would bring earwires to use as fishing hooks, chain-nose pliers as my all-purpose tool, and a huge spool of hemp cord - which I'd use for fishing line, weaving my sleeping hammock, and any other things that might need to be tied. :)

Zoraida, I smiled that one of your items was copper wire!

alankarshilpa said...

Wow, Rena, That is called survival tact. You are going to use the ear hooks as fishing hooks, clever!

And Zoraida, of course you need to have your copper wire

tappingflamingo said...

nail clippers, very clever! I'll have to remember that; it's a two in one!

Mei Tan said... forgot the HAND :)
Thanks for your good wishes.

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