Friday, January 20, 2012

Bead Storage and organizing my work space finally

Bead storage and organizing them  is a big job for me

This is how it looked last Saturday at 12:14 .  I was so furious at me to bring it to this condition...

But the other me whined - Laa...ter.

So I set a timer and decided to race and see how much can be done in half an hour.

Not bad, eh!  The table top is much controlled. 

Beads are put away according to color in proper zip loc bags.

Then I put another half an hour timer setting.


At this point my husband came to take a peek.  Tres formidab. 

He asked if I'd like to go out to get a bite in the neighborhood cafe.


I have gotten the momentum.

I changed the table covers with the single bed sheets I bought in India.  It reminds me of the local artisans there. Besides, Black and white is my theme.

I made a place where my finished jewelry are kept for loading at Etsy.

Now my one resolution is to keep it this way, and that is a hard one I know.


Diana P. said...

Great job organizing your work space. I'm actually about to go back upstairs and tackle my office. It's in BAD shape and it makes me angry to see it like that.

Carol D. said...

Thanks for sharing this. So glad a lot can be done in a short amount of time. I just bought an old medical cabinet with shallow drawers and want to use it for organizing my beads. Will share it on my blog soon.

alankarshilpa said...

Thank you Diana, and Carol for your feedback. Looking forward to reading how you are organizing your beads in that shallow medicine drawer, Carol. Sounds great idea! Dita

Kashmira said...

I want a studio like that one! Good job with the organzing, Dita :)

One question though...don't your beads get lost in that black and white print?

alankarshilpa said...

Kashmira, I have a tray on top of that black and white cover - see in the 3rd ( or may be 4th pic) also I keep a felt piece to extend my bead project if I need to, that way I only have to clean the tray. It works okay. Hey, thanks for coming to my blogspot. And we do live kind of close by. May be we can do craft shows together sharing a booth or next close to each other.

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