Thursday, April 21, 2011

What did I do with my buttons?

What did I do with my buttons?

I'm late, I'm late - I feel like that rabbit in Alice in wonderland.  I live in California, so my day starts out a bit later than most of my blog hopping friends.  On top of that I spent a whole lot of the day today thinking about the design, then  creating my bracelet ( yes, I am one of those last minute persons...I don't want to be...but

When I was kind of satisfied I found the day  light is almost gone.  Well, still I took advantage of that slanting last beam of the afternoon sun ray on my window sill and I'll show you in a minute what I did.

I started with the lady.  I name this piece "She- and  her dreams".  This button is  sent by Cat.  It took me a long time to find out what I want to put in here.  Then I thought that keeping it most simple,  knitting it  with   waves and waves of  dreams and thoughts is what this piece should be all about.  I thought of my mom (who has passed away in 2007) as I was making it.
I am so anxious to see what the others have done with their buttons.  Please do hop on their blogs too.  Here is the list and a short notice from Michelle who kindly arranged this whole BUTTON project.

Here is Michelle's note:

You might also want to tell your readers about the giveaway--if readers comment on any (or all) blogs, they can win a set of buttons.  The full rules will be on my blog, but basically, each comment on a different blog gets them one entry.  So if they comment on all posts, that would be 25 entries!  But if they comment 25 times on Lori's blog, that only counts as one entry!  The giveaway is open to everyone.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions.




1. Cat - Boo Beads

2. Cindy - Sweet Bead Studio

3. Cory - Art with Moxie

4. Cyndi - Beading Arts

5. Dita - Alankarshilpa

6. Donna, Marti, and Michelle - Beads & Books

7. Erin - Treasures Found

8. Hope - Crafty Hope

9. Inca - Zerenity Design

10. Katrine - Army of Sock Monsters

11. Krista - French Elegant Jewelry

12. Kristie - Artisan Clay

13. Linda D. - Lutka and Co.

14. Linda L. - Linda's Bead Blog

15. Lody - Lody's Beadworks

16. Lori - Pretty Things

17. Loretta - Loretta's Boutique

18. Malin - Beading by Malin de Koning

19. Mary - MK's Creative Musings

20. Maryanne - Zingala's Workshop

21. Melinda - Melinda Orr Metal & Clay Jewelry Designs

22. Saskia - Perlendistel

23. Shannon - For My Sweet Daughter

24. Shirley - Beads and Bread

25. Stephanie - Confessions of a Bead Hoader


BooBeads said...

I think you paired that lovely lady button perfectly with the wire crochet.

Lacey and so romantic! Gorgeous!

Cory said...

Fabulous...the texture of the crochet with that button is Yummy.

Also, Thanks for the kudos...

Carol said...

Very nice! Love wire crochet!

Alice said...

I'm one of those last minute kind of gals--I just work better that way.

Love the bracelet--especially the knitted wire. Beautiful!!

Artisan Clay said...

Wow! I am learning a lot about buttons with the swap. Nice to meet you!

Cindy said...

I hear you - getting that inspiration at the last minute! I'm like that oftentimes as well.
Your silver lady button is really pretty and dreamy - just perfect with your wire crochet. I like the way you kept it simple and all one color metal. Now you can wear it with anything. What a special piece!

Perlendistel said...

I think it´s a great comination and it´s so romantik!

I LOVE color! said...

A very beautiful design love the button Be Blessed

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

I think you did a magnificent job on your button challenge :) Seriously, you don't want to take away from that amazing button, and I think you did it up just perfectly!

CraftyHope said...

Very cool!
That lacy knit works so well with the button.

Malin de Koning said...

OMG! I love it! LOOOOOOOVE! So classy, elegant, special, delicate, wonderful and ...
I would love to wear it!

Pretty Things said...

Elegant and gorgeous! I'm in awe of anyone who can manipulate wire like that!

The Beading Gem said...

What a gorgeous combination! I love how you made the button into the focal part of the piece. Pearl

My Life Under the Bus said...


mitz said...

..ohhh the work that went into this.. fantastic... mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

Wired 4 Style said...

Hey lady,
How have you been? sending best wishes your way. Love your bracelet! Very pretty!


Wired 4 Style said...

Hey lady, Hope all is well with you.
Very pretty bracelet!


TesoriTrovati said...

I'm late too! Hopping, that is... I had not one moment to hop last week! That button, and the bracelet is so light and airy. Thanks for sharing. This was fun. Enjoy the day!

Michelle Mach said...

A lovely combination! I'm so glad you were able to join us for the button swap.

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