Friday, January 31, 2014

How to write the perfect product description for my real customers in my Etsy shop

  Perfect Product Description for my real customers in my  Etsy shop

I had no idea that writing a product description for my product in my Etsy store is just not quite enough.

I thought what I need to tell my online customers are- the dimension of my item; the materials used and maybe the technique I use.  But that is not all.

I understood that I need to make the SEO happy as much as I need to satisfy the real customers, who are people, not keyword crazy robots.

This article is about how to satisfy the real customers with my product description.

Wear your customer’s hat
Of course, it is important that I need to tell the customers about the dimension, material, and techniques used in my jewelry, but what is more important is putting myself in the buyer’s seat.

Roberto Verganti writes in the book Design-Driven Innovation

“People do not buy products, but meanings. People use things for profound emotional, psychological and socio-cultural reasons as well as utilitarian ones"

I hear the same resonance in the article -  Let your customers see themselves in your products:

Let your potential customers know what good your product is for them
Let your browsers know how the piece will make her feel against her skin.

It is important to include the measurements and features in your description but doesn’t let those be your main focus.

These are the key things I’d remember from this article.

Tara Gentile in her article (Writing 101: Customer friendly descriptions)

 “Item descriptions are a great exercise in selling psychology”

Here she points out how the product description can change as we change our perspective.

As a  jewelry maker, I  focus on writing about the dimension of my jewelry, what it is made of, my experience about finding that awesome material or how much I put into it to create.  Those are things that are reflected in my description.

When I wear the customer’s hat, take the customer’s perspective  I am thinking – how is that jewelry piece going to affect my mood, looks or decision, environment etc.

 The priorities are completely different.

As a seller my job is to pluck that string – how is it going to make my customer feel extra special owning my product.

I have to remember to switch the perspective wearing my customer’s hat and think – what is there in me from that piece?  why or  how  is that product so essential, that I should buy it right now?

 Here, I have a fabulous thing I want to share with you -  I found a great worksheet that you can download for FREE

 It has helped me polish my product description for my real customers.  



ACBeads said...

Dita, thank you for another great post about Etsy. Describing an item for a prospective customer is what really matters at the end of the day. Materials, size and technique are secondary. I'll pin this article on my Pinterest. Have a great weekend. Ana

Anindita Basu said...

?Thank you Ana. You think so too? It is kind of difficult doing it though. Did you try the worksheet?

Happy weekend. Dita.

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