Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to prepare for the Holiday Sales in my online Etsy jewelry store

Preparing for the holiday business in my Etsy jewelry store is an important thing in my to do list.  Every year at the end I get paranoid, work like crazy and end up reducing prices for quick sales.  I don’t like the process.  And, interestingly reading many blogs and talking to other jewelry artist friends I come to know it is just not me.  Failing to plan ahead is the  cause  for this this situation.

So what am I going to differently this year? 

            1. Stock up and manage inventory. 

My goal is to list at least one new item each day in my Etsy store. That is what is advised in the Handmadeology blog

This is a tall order. Making each product takes about two hours in average.  Taking great pictures ( the light from the window has to be right), editing them, writing description that makes the customers and the SEO happy, pricing, uploading and promoting – are in a nut shell  all that take to bring one item in the shop every day.

            2. .Rethink pricing : 
This means I must think of offering various price points to accommodate different kind of buyers.
.  I like how  Rena Klingenberg in her excellent   E book  says : 

 “ Instead of thinking how can I make more profit,  I started thinking how can I help the  customers with their gift giving situation?”.  This change in thought process may shed a new light in my creative process too.

      3 .Be transparent with customers.

Stay clear and transparent with your customers suggests the etsy team:
  This means I should revisit my shipping policies in my Etsy store and spell out clearly how much time it would take for a  custom order, international order, what should be the cut off day for Christmas mailing.. etc.  The more clear I am,  the better  off we both would be, my customers and me.  Time in the Post Office is one dreaded thing during that time of the year.
      4. Make a schedule and stick to it. 

Rena Klingenberg in her Excellent E book
How to sell for the Holiday rush mentions an interesting fact-  Statistics say that one third of the shoppers plan and get their shopping done by the end of September.  80% continue until the 25th of December and one third do it until the very end of the year. 

I believe people who shop early in September/ October  are looking for big price items that they want to give to their very special person in lives.  So I may focus on thinking making high end items now , that means order materials for thoseitems and think about stunning designs, both for men and women, kids and babies and special teachers.

  1. Set a goal:  

What do I really want from my business? Both, in the short run and in the long run? How does it impact my holiday preparatiojn?    These are things I am going to think about when I am out for my long walks. Untangle the mess.  I need to keep my body and energy in shape too, so those long walks will be need and I have to keep aside some time for that
Knitted copper wire cuff bracelet with coral red beads- at alankarshilpa.

 What are your thoughts about  the  Holiday Sales preparation this year?  Do you agree with me regarding my belief that people who shop in September and October are thinking about high end items?  Am I off in my thought process?  I want to hear from you.

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