Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jewelry from my inheritance

My Country - For Thee I Bead

I was born in India,

 in the State of West Bengal - that is famous for the Bengal Tiger,

 which is an endangered species, very precious indeed.

 If you ever go my mother land, do visit the Sundar Bon ( meaning - the beautiful forest) and check out these beautiful beast in the wild ( of course if you are lucky) .  You'll probably have to take a boat ride and for sure you'll be able to see some crocodiles and porpoises and yes, the most beautiful birds indeed.

My birthplace is Calcutta - the City of Joy!


When  we were teenagers we use to see lots of budding lovers roaming around this beautiful Victoria Memorial garden and then you may take a few moments of cool at the bank of Ganges, or a boat ride at dusk.

I am skipping the yummy stuffs you may eat. I am
going straight to jewelry making.  Because that is what this blog and this post is all about.

I am used to seeing the most beautiful jewelry various brides wore on their wedding days.  They were not simple, most of the time they were over powering and gaudy. And some were darn beautiful.

But part of them were very wearable and just right.

Here I was intrigued with pieces like this

or like this

And then I created some thing like this.

Now this is very wearable and  I wore it  and made a sale.

 Seeing that, another friend asked if I can make one for her too,  I got another order to make it in another color.  So I am thinking in this line now.  Will let you know what I come up with.

Now this post was inspired by Nan Smith-  MY COUNTRY -FOR THEE I BEAD  series. And a bunch of us thought it would be fun to have this blog hop.  So come along with me, let's hop to different artist's studio and see what they have created .

Nan Smith (Canada)      <----->

Dini Bruinsma (The Netherlands)

Stephanie Weiss (USA)
Ana Cravidao (Portugal) 
Liz E (Pitcairn/USA)      
Vera (Germany/USA)     
Andra Marasteanu (Romenia)
Delilah (Romenia)          

Jessica Murrey (USA)      

Mischelle Fannuchi (USA)

Rebecca (France/USA)   

LiliKrist (Indonesia)      

NK Valentine Studio (Canada)

Karin (Canada)             
Diah Anggreni (Indonesia)
Karen (Australia)         
Cath Thomas (The Netherlands/Switzerland)
Asri Wahyuningsih (Indonesia/USA)
Crysalis Jewelry Design (Denmark/Canada) 
Jasvanti Patel (Brazil/ USA)
Lola (Serbia/Canada)   
Becky Peterson (Sweden/USA)

Paula Hisel (USA)         
Inge Von Ross (Germany)
Laurie Vyselaar (USA)   
Toltec Jewels (Mexico/USA)
                                                  * * *
Thank you Nan for doing this for us and I am sorry I was late in posting.


LiliKrist said...

India is exotic, so does your necklace =)

Libellula Jewelry said...

Your necklace is very beautiful and I imagine that you'll be able to sell many of them in lots of variations.

ACBeads said...

Dita, I love your post and your necklace. I especially enjoyed that you've already sold it and you have an order for another one. Congratulations!

Anindita Basu said...

Thank you, my friends. Thank you for your kind words and good wishes. Dita.

Dini Bruinsma said...

You're right, it's absolutely wearable :-)great colours and a sweet design! Thanks for all the beautiful♥ pictures...

Nan Smith said...

Beautiful necklace. I can see why it sold and you need to make more of the same in different colours. Very elegant and wearable!
Thanks for joining in and sharing the story of your birthplace!!!

Anindita Basu said...

Thank you Nan Smith - this was an inspiring theme you brought up and I am glad that I came to know about it. It was fun.

Selling Jewelry said...

Great post! Been reading a lot about what to do with some inherited jewelry. Thanks for sharing this!

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