Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to make the The Tree Of Life Pendant


Recently, with the new born baby on my lap,   the image of the Tree of Life comes to my mind's eye..   Trees have such  a rich symbolic history in so  many cultures.

 The cherry tree blossoms in Japanese culture, from the Celtic to the African culture,  trees are symbols of our lives in a strange way.  The branches spread their limbs for the blessings reaching up  to the heavens, and  the  roots  go  down deeper and curl in  Mother Earth's bosom .

For me, whenever I think of stability and strength I envision the Tree of Life.

This made me go deeper into the meaning of it, as if the tree of life  shows how to dwell in all the worlds, how to unite the worlds above and below.  All these emotions made me research more into how to make  a Tree of Life pendant.  As a jewelry artist that is what I wanted to do now!  

I found that there are several nice You Tube demonstrations.

Tree of Life Pendant by Camille Sharon

Tree of Life by Magpie

I followed mostly  Sharon's instruction  but also  changed a little bit in the process .

 My mom  had told  me long ago that I have trouble following directions and it is so true.  So,  some day soon I may probably write a tutorial to show how I did it.

Try it.  It is not very hard.  In the beginning it took me like an hour to do the first one, then I could make them in forty minutes or so.

In case you don't have the time but  need a Tree of Life pendant right now,  perhaps  to give an August born a birthday  present,  the Peridot in copper Tree of Life Pendant  is available in my Etsy store, freshly made. If you like it and want it with other stones or metal  I'd gladly do it.

Here are the other  Tree of Life Pendants I made. .
Peridot and copper Tree of Life Pendant

Pearls in Silver Tree of Life Pendant
Peridot and coral beads in si;lver Tree of Life Pendant
Peridat and pearls in Silver Tree of Life Pendant

 Which one do you like best?

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AntiquityTravelers said...

Lovely post, and beautiful work! I've been wanting to try my hand at this pattern - thanks for the links! will check it out

Micheladas said...

I love your trees of life pendants..

alankarshilpa said...

Thank you so much. Your comments make my day.

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