Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weight Watcher Wisdom

 Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What Weight Watching wisdom did I gain today?

Yeh! I dropped 3.3lbs in a week!

For my birthday, my gift to myself was a membership in Weight Watcher.  I also presented myself a book named FRUITS and VEGETABLES A- Z. 

  And yes, I did try two recipes from this book. The mushroom muffin pizza  turned out really nice.

Muffin Pizza with Mozzarella and Mushrooms

It was a challenging week for me because number one, it was my birthday and the food in Benehana with all the juggling of the Japanese chef was so fabulous … but hey, how many Points Plus?

The next day I had  a craft show,  All day I was kind of starved with only a couple of granola bars and string cheese sticks, so at the end when I reached home, I was feeling like I could eat the whole house,  I was so famished.

But then there were four days left to straighten up and be sober.

What I learned this week is the value of awareness.  I was aware seeing what is going in my body and documenting it, even though I was 12 points over…I still lost 3 lbs in a week!

I was aware that late afternoons are my week points.  I found one solution –  a latte with fat free milk.  The shot of caffeine and the goodness of milk just can pick me up.

Today in our meeting the topic was – accepting and being nice to myself.  There are times when I’ll fall off the wagon.  I do feel “What the heck”…and grab another chocolate chip cookie, another Hershie bar.

That is when it is important to be loving to yourself, not criticizing.  How would you nourish yourself?  plan ahead, and if you fall, dust off and move on, not quit .

We talked about stressful situations.  My stressful situations regarding food are-

Entertaining guests.  You want to give them good, tasty food, show off your culinary expertise and they are not necessarily low fat ones

Answer – have a bowl of fresh veggies and a great dip with yogurt.
Have a bowl of colorful fruit salad.

Being a guest – when you don’t have much control what is being served.

* Plan ahead and budget 15 or 20 points for that.  Spread the whole day with that plan. 

*Incorporate exercise points to buy some extra calories!

*Use the 3 fork bite rule.  Remember the 1st bite is for tasting, 2nd one for savoring, third one,  judging. Is it worth continuing with  more bites if you have to sit down and count the point value?  Possibly not.  Brain wash yourself if in doubt :)

The quote of the day:

Food can make our taste buds happy
It can not make us happy

Food can distract us from our pain
It can not take away our pain.

-        Author unknown.

I was asked – what is my strategy for next week?

It is not to miss a single meeting and I’ll share what I learn  in my weekly Wednesday blog.  I commit.  Next week I’ll not be able to attend on Wednesday, but I’ll go to the meeting  on Saturday. But do come on  Wednesday for this blog …there will be something regarding this topic.  And I’ll be so happy if you comment and put your input too.

Do drop by if you are in the same boat making the same journey.  We can’t do it alone, my friend.

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Pretty Things said...

That's fantastic! I'm stuck in my weight loss. It went well at first and now I just can't seem to get out of stall mode. But I'm still trying!

Rena Klingenberg said...

Wow, 3.3 pounds in one week is great progress! It sounds like your awareness and efforts are paying off. Also, that mushroom muffin pizza really looks good! :)

alankarshilpa said...

Just keep on doing the right things. I believe it will show eventually. Even though I go to your blog for motivation many times, Lori. Take care. Dita.

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