Thursday, June 23, 2011

A day in Vienna

The ceiling of the Opera House in Vienna- see the 24 k gold work on the ceiling
June 23, 2011- Vienna

Had a wonderful day today with Rinka.  Though the day started with a shrill alarm at 5 o clock in the morning and we all had to climb the five floors of  stairs,  nothing really was that dangerous.  After half an hour later everything seemed safe and sound (less- no pun intended) and we all climbed up in the elevator (!).  No fire truck really did show up to save the residents in this diplomats’ unit.  Any way it was a weird chance to meet Rinka’s neighbors.

Rinka took us to a nice cafĂ© and introduced me to a drink which was a mix of coffee, chocolate, lots of whipped cream with a swirl of caramel sauce.  Yummy.  I had a  soft boiled egg and roll with all kinds of jams.

We took the tram and came to Belvedere Museum.  Here I focused on Klimpt.  I love his The Kiss but I did not know so many things about this picture.  Gustave Klimpt chose bold rectangles in the pattern around the male figure, and roundish motifs for the female.  They have their differences but those differences are trying to melt for something soft, loving… the figures are surrounded by flowers and gold dust.  The Kiss is soft and beautiful.

Other pictures worth mentioning are “The Bride”, “Adam and Eve”, “the Meadow “ where he showed how the poppies in the fore ground stood out merging the big tree with oranges in the back ground.  There is a picture by Van Gogh- a landscape.  He shot himself two days after painting this picture.

The garden is fantastic.
Here you see the inside of the stage of the Opera House - A rare thing.  As a holiday there is no rehearsal going.  So we could see the inside of the stage

From here we went to the Opera House and we took a guided tour.  It is a holiday today so there is no rehearsal and we lucked out to see the inside of the stage.

It is magnificent.  The hall, ceilings and the whole place give you goose bumps

The inside of the auditorium

After lunch we had gelato.  It was so good.  Rinka knows all these little nooks and corners of Vienna.  My senses are so stimulated today.

After we came home it started to rain and get cooler.


Antara said...

Sounds lovely. Enjoy the rest of your trip. After hearing your stories, I am looking forward to going to Vienna sooooooon! Too bad we will miss you.

ruma chakravorty said...

I am missing you guys soooo much ! I wish I was there. I am so so happy that you are having a good time and spending some time with Rinka. I loved your beautiful description of all the beautiful sights you have been visiting in Vienna. Post something about Budapest too.

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