Thursday, June 30, 2011

Champoussin - a charming village in Switzerland

Champoussin is a charming village in western Switzerland.  Where is it?  Well, you may not find it in an ordinary map but it is close to Geneva airport- about two hours away in car or train.  If you find Geneva try moving eastward along the lake Geneva.  You may find Lausanne, Montreaux and in a smaller font a spot called Aigles.

You may take a AOMC  train from here.  This rather tram like train  will take you to Val d'Illiez station in forty minutes.  Then you take a bus up to the Champoussin village.

We landed in Zurich airport and took a train ride to Aigle.  It took us about three hours.  The view from Lausanne to Aigle is spectacular.  The train track is right next to the lake.

We saw tiny back yard gardens, tranquil lakes with boats floating on them. Then again, even Switzerland has its share of concrete walls and graffiti on them. But I found them artistic.

When we reached the Val d' Illiez station we expected to find the bus at 4:30 pm,  but today it is Saturday and there are no school children,  so no bus!

We were assured that there will be one at 6:30 pm though,  the last one.  We were hungry and thirsty.  A lady came out of a restaurant to help us out and made us cafe latte and a very delicious dish of grilled cheese on thick bread.  She knows as much English as I know French but we made it finally and she made a call for us to the hotel to confirm that we'll reach with the last bus.  When the bus finally arrived, she went and told the driver to wait for us.  We were the only two passengers.

Champoussin is awfully pretty and tranquil.  It is an out of the world place.  The little log cabin room  where we stayed in was very cute, comfortable and basic.  You can see the snow capped mountains from the little veranda and the rolling green hills.  It is so quiet here- with only occasional cow bells tingaling from time to time .  There is a farm on the top of the hill where they also make home made cheese.

There is no wifi or  telephone in the room, but you may find them at the hotel lobby .

There is a grocery store at the bottom where you may find basic things and home made bread.  Things are expensive here. Like an egg cost me a dollar!  There is also a restaurant, para gliding things and thermal baths.  This place is a ski resort in winter time.

But it is equally pretty in summer.  The lupins are in bloom.  There is a smell of fresh sweet milk and pine mixed in the air.  You hear the rustling of the leaves and slow moos of the cows and their cow bells.

It is a happy place with simple beauty. 



Miss Val's Creations said...

I am jealous! I travelled to Zurich about 4 years ago and Switzerland is by for the most beautiful place I have visited. It feels like being a fairytale! Isn't the cheese amazing? I had the best macaroni and cheese (and fondue) there and nothing can compare! ~Val

Pretty Things said...

Reminds me so much of the few pictures I have of our brief drive through Austria many years ago!

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