Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Modern Anna Karenina

The Modern Anna Karenina

Would a girl kill her self like jumping on the train track, the way Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina did?

I was thinking about that as I woke up this morning.  Yesterday night we watched Anna Karenina,   the black and white version of the movie.

Just a few days ago, we, ladies were gossiping about a girl we all knew. Her life resembles very much like Anna Karenina.  Let’s call her Mia.

Mia had a caring, loyal dutiful husband, Greg and a sweet little boy Tommy.  But, Ryan, a character, all on a sudden barged into her life like a comet and topsy turvy her whole being.  Mia’s tranquil, safe life was changed. 

Mia found a spark in Ryan’s eyes, a different kind of caring, some irresistible attraction that brought a new meaning in life to Mia.  Mia came to know what she was missing.

When she was confronted with the choice of her safe, secured married life with Greg and Tommy, as a bonus in one hand and Ryan on the other, she chose Ryan.  It was hard to leave Tommy, yet Ryan won.

Like Tolstoy’s Anna, Mia hung onto Ryan and whispered in his ears “Remember I have nothing else except you”.  Ryan kissed her back.

Couple of years passes, now Ryan wants Mia’s divorce papers to settle in the society rightfully.  Mia cannot manage to get them.  Ryan changes.

Mia finds that it is nothing but time that takes away that special spark.  Ryan and Greg are basically very similar.

Mia is a lonely single woman struggling each day over this issue.  Would she crush herself like Anna Karenina did, I wonder as I knit absent mindedly.

May be Mia will find that there is more to life. Of course she did the right thing listening to her inner self, leaving her secured life for challenges. Of course she did the right thing leaving Ryan too.   Mia, I salute your strength for following your heart for what you think is right.  You have a lot of hurdles on your way, but believe me, don’t you quit now.

May the morning sun beam embrace you with its warmth, may the hungry humming birds in your feeders remind you that you are needed.  May there be a little boy waiting for you at the corner of the road like Anna found one in Venice, who stretches his hand for you.  Let there be something to show that you are valuable, you are needed.  May you hear these messages inside yourself.

May you find that there is more to life that just men’s appreciation. Don’t you kill yourself like Anna Karenina.

My knitted jewelry  piece is done now.  Here it is:

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Pretty Things said...

LOVE that knitted piece.

"Anna Karinina" (did I spell that right?" is on my list to read.

And in response to what you wrote from my blog: You DO be careful with your back – is it any better? From now on you have to be careful and not let it trick you into thinking you can lift mountains, baby yourself a bit, ok?

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