Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspiration for art

Inspirations for art

Inspiration is everywhere, especially today.  It’s one of those days.  First of all – did you watch the Oscars yesterday?  I am talking about Natalie Portmans dazzling dangler.  Oh what a design!  That red-purple tassel brushing her soft shoulder kept me up for quite awhile yesterday night and the first thing I did this morning is visiting my STUDIO ( I mean my bead storage) to find what do I have to create some thing like that?

Well. As soon as I come up with something, I know it may be quite different; I assure I’ll share it with you.

In the mean time I hopped two blogs and was just mesmerized with all the things they have to share. 

Lori was talking about this sumptuous Bead Soup event.  I wanted to be part of it even not knowing exactly what it’s all about.  But I did it.  I learned how to put it in my web blog.  I can see your smirk. But hey, I am learning.  I am not techno savvy okay!

Then I went to Mortira’s blog and oh my, I hopped from one link to another, reading all the book reviews she had and found that I have spent the whole afternoon.  The sun is down, I did not fix supper, did not clean the dish washer… my house is a mess.

But hey, there is some thing I can share too from last few weeks– my knitted jewelry

These days I am doing a lot of knitted jewelry.  I got inspired from a knitting blog and got hooked with the needles but could not let go my wire  or the beads ….so this is what is happening.


Dee said...

ha ha. I know exactly what you mean. You're pieces turned out great! go do some work!! :)

Pretty Things said...

Those are FABULOUS!!!!

Karen said...

I adore that top bracelet. Have my eye on it so that one day maybe I can purchase it. Simply breathtaking, Dita. :)

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