Friday, March 18, 2011

A humble offering to Japan's refief

My humble offering to Japan:

I get immuned and numb when I see the same pictures over and over on the T.V screen.

On quiet moments if I zoom out, and try to think that it is just not two dimensional, what happened to those people is real, I shiver. So many people have lost their homes, lost their loved ones, so many children can't find their parents or food...

It could happen to us too. Can I fathom that?

Japan is such a beautiful place. I have been there several times on my way to India. Yet, all those sky scrappers, modern equipments and highways look like a child's toys, as if a child is playing with his lego set, in contrast to the vast ocean when you see it from high above - when you take a bird's eye view.

We human being are so small, so insignificant against nature's vast force!

I have high regards for that nation. They are so disciplined, hard working, spiritual people. They are resilient and will recover, but right now what are they going through.

As I watch out, I see our cherry tree in full bloom through the window. I think of Japan. I was first introduced to flowering cherry trees in Japan. Being a young girl from tropical India I had never seen a cherry tree before that. And I planted a wish that some day may we have a cherry tree in our home.

My wish was granted. The tree is full of rosy whisper soft bloom today.

My eyes well up as I work on my beading project. My knitted wire work gets blurry. I wipe off. I put the last crimp to secure and decide to offer this humble creation with my prayers to the Japan relief fund.


Antara said...

I, too, have been very emotional about the events in Japan, and the threat of nuclear poisoning on their citizens for years to come. It is depressing to watch such sad and horrifying things on the T.V. and news, and have them haunt your thoughts all day. But then, with the Spring blossoms (here in D.C. too!) starting to emerge, and witnessing how people everywhere are trying to reach out to help the Japanese in their own ways, I feel there is still a lot of beauty and good in this world, after all.

Miss Val's Creations said...

It is so sad seeing what has happened in Japan. The aftermath with the nuclear power is so horrifying. How do they even begin to rebuild? The nation is so strong that the the people will pull through. I do think of them everyday since I have no idea what it is like to deal with natural disasters having lived in New England my whole life. ~Val

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