Monday, May 16, 2016

Rickshawgirl and message of hope

Yesterday we went to see a play in Berkeley, The Rickshawgirl.  I know the writer Mitali Perkins as her parents are also Bengali speaking and our friends.  I was very proud to see what a wonderful story Mitali has written about a girl and her family in Bangladesh, the rickshaw puller's family.  There are many things in this story, but a most importantly, a message of hope.

The play was superb too and Sonali Bhattacharya's live song with the live music gave it a different dimension.

Mitali Perkins, the author will be present to sign the book next Sunday.

There are many organizations perhaps that are supporting women's endeavor to be self supporting, especially in underdeveloped nations.  Two of them I really like.

Women For Women

KIVA foundation where you can loan money to a needy person .  See how it works.

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