Friday, May 23, 2014

Polymer clay jewelry with stamp and a shine

I found the answer - How do you bring the shine on your stamped polymer clay?

I found the answer -Yesterday was my second day with Polymer Clay jewelry making .  As I am playing  with play do more and more with my grand children,  I am getting more and more interested in trying out polymer clay jewelry making.

Here is what happened yesterday

At  the very right hand corner you see what my husband calls pillars of success - the broken ones that got ruined while adding the wire part to it.

I used Fimo and I think I used 250 degree for about 20 minutes.  Next time I'll raise the oven temp a little bit more and keep it for longer. 

I found a great site where Gina was demonstrating using the embossing thing. Here is the link of the video .

What I liked about it  is that the raised , stamped part had a nice metallic finish.  How can you do it with out using metal clay or powder?

  I did not quite have quite the ingredients she mentioned, not her stamp, or the particular embossing thing,  but I had some embossing powder that needs heat to show the gold shine.  So I used that.

At the very left hand corner I integrated it with my wire knit jewelry part and I will finish it as a pair of earring.

Today, I went to Michael's and bought some Primo- I think Fimo and Primo are kind of same, and the kind Gina mentioned in the video for the embossing material too.  It was on sale 40% off - other wise the thing is pretty pricey $18.

Anyway I'll show what I am coming up with in the upcoming posts soon.

I am also seriously working on wind proofing my  craft display ideas.  I do have a show in early June, so every day I am working a little bit on that aspect. 


motidana said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post and for sharing Gina`s link .
Having never used this material ( since we don`t get it in India ) ,
I was a little apprehensive when I was gifted polymer clay kit by a relative from the US . But after reading your post , and seeing the video , I`m feeling a little adventerous and am going to try out the clay I`ve got . :)

Anindita Basu said...

Thank you for your feed back and coming back to my blog. I found this video great one for a beginner, as I am just starting out with polymer clay and I don't have all the tools, like the pasta machine or texture sheets. But do you get embossing powder in India? The metal shine is for that. Any way let me know how it is going.

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