Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Luncheon at a yester years' toll house - Mrs. K's Toll House in MD.

I had a wonderful treat this afternoon- a luncheon at a great restaurant that was a toll house in another time.

Yester Years' Toll House is today's Restaurant

In the early 1900 this Tudor building functioned as a toll house.  The price to pass the toll house was 2 cents- same as sending a letter in those days.

It was complete with living quarters for the keepers and their families.  I heard that Blanche and Harvey Kreuzburg of Washington DC bought this house in  early 1930  and on April 1 opened their restaurant - Mrs. K's Toll House.

Mrs K's passion for antiques and gardening shows off in the ambiance.

We had a sit next to her amazing collection of Lutz glass, Blue Plates and Christmas ornaments of another era.

Antique collection of Mrs K behind us.

Lutz Glass collection

The garden with a cute white gazebo and water fountains with charming daffodils would make you feel like having a wedding party here.

Food was great.  My daughter, Rinti and I shared a delicious salad with pear and blue cheese ( I am starting to like blue cheese, hmmm) and a plate of crab cakes.  One should not leave Maryland with out tasting the crab - remarked our waiter .

He was cute and gave us a tour later on.  But before that I must mention the hazelnut latte I had - so mmm and also the dessert that we shared - a pastry with salted caramel.  Rinti told me ahead of time to leave room ( and WW Points) for the dessert.  She feels very discouraged when people shove away the dessert menu...that's the best part m-a-n!


Then we took a tour down the little steps, dark and spooky,  to the wine cellar and the little rooms  which are  now  open for cute dining corners.  In those days people slept there. It was magical going back to another era.

An antique cart

And then climbing up, we  passed the old cart and the vintage gramophone that played music on its own like a player piano.

Strange gramophone that played on its own

Then you come outside to the garden and take a deep breath.  What a treat!  Thank you Rinti.

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Antara said...

Aha! THANK YOU! I came here 3 times before and knew you would love it... but even then, I never got the tour of the wine cellar and cotton gin. Apparently, one must always dine with Mother to be shown (and fed) the best things. :) So glad you enjoyed.

alankarshilpa said...

Yes. Thank you.

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