Thursday, July 26, 2012

Teaching ESL I mean English to Students from Italy

I had a fun day today teaching English ( American) to a bunch of teenager students from Italy who came to USA in Saint Mary's College   to study American culture and language .  They will be here in the San Francisco Bay area for only two weeks this summer.  Every morning they will come to the class and then  go to visit celebrated places in  the San Francisco  area.

As a non native English speaker I was going back to those early days down the memory lane  when I could not explain all that was swimming in my head.  My tongue was not ready.

 The same thing is happening with these kids and sometimes  interesting even hilarious things are cropping up.  For example, I asked some one- " Is she taking a break?"- showing the picture of a lady who was sitting on a bench , kind of in a relaxed mood with a Starbuck coffee in her hand

 One of my student replied  with her brows crossed -" Break?  No she is no break... fine , she is not taking any break.  She is all whole".

They are a cute bunch of kids and I am looking forward for what happens tomorrow.


Pretty Things said...

That's awesome! I used to teach English in Korea -- quite an experience!

Antara said...

aw... sounds fun! Glad you are enjoying. Reminds me a little of L and her fun way of asking: how are you (but in a less appropriate way) ;)

AntiquityTravelers said...

How fun! I studied Italian in college, which is so much easier than English! Too many exceptions to the rules. Thanks for your comments on my blog - very nice words. I am following your blog, but I think there is something up with my 'friend connect' function in blogger. Your link does show up on my blog list, but my avatar doesn't show up on your followers for some reason. I how it corrects itself soon :(

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