Monday, February 8, 2010

A Wish from A Genie

I came across an interesting term- RAS- acronym of - Reticular Activation System.

What I understood is- it is the part of the brain that acts like a strainer.

Suppose you are in a busy air port or train station and there are all kind of noise and cacophony. But you can manage to snooze. All on a sudden you hear- "Ms. Dita Basu - you have a call in the white courtesy telephone"

WHAT? Your antanaes are up. You are not sleepy any more.

So, my brain could let pass all that is not so important but just capture and hold onto what is important.

Experts say that this knowledge is applicable to any goal setting strategy. Athletes in Olympics use it, successful speakers and performers use it. They can visualize their success and train their brain to note it as a very important thing.

If you can manage this part of your brain, or rather you can understand the full power of this tool that you already have - you do have unlimited wealth and potential.

Oh My! That's why they probably say - you have unlimited potential, you just don't know about it.

So here, decide what is the one and only one thing that you can give your heart and soul and desire most? Can you dream it?

Oh No! I am in trouble. The Genie has come . "Quick Dita- Think of just one wish. One and just one thing ."

Traffic in my blog? Nah.

Clicks in my affiliate marketing? - Nah nah.

Just one wish - it must be more valuable than that.

"I want to give all that I know- Give me that wish"

The Genie smiled and turned his head. "It is all up to you. Remember RAS?"

He leaves.

I am left alone. I grab my bead box and create a necklace piece.

Knitted garnet teardrops in silver wire.


Miss Val's Creations said...

The brain is an amazing thing!!! Sometimes my brain forgets to act as a strainer so focusing can be difficult!

paper-n-soul said...

Gorgeous necklace... love your work. :)


Steve said...

I regularly browse the internet for interesting stuff and this heavy beaded necklace took my attention as I started reading your blog.It looks pretty big and if anyone wears it they are bound to get complimented.

Would like to share some more
interesting stuff I found at you may take a look.

Wired 4 Style said...

Hi Dita, Beautiful jewelry and in regards to your question about my faceless girl...sure you can share her and my link on your page. I appreciate it very much.


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