Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was trying to do some spring cleaning while an old letter fell on to my lap from the book case. It is a letter from my father, written about fifteen years ago. I started reading it. It is a long letter . Here he was talking about his childhood and about all the people in his life who made an impact on him and helped shape his character.

There were several beautiful stories which I plan to share with you little by little. Today I am going to pick the one about my grand father.

The year was some late eighteen -something. My grandfather was hit by a car while he was out on his morning walk. It was very early in the morning, there were not too many people in the streets of Calcutta. But two people witnessed that the driver was a British guy and he did not use his horn .

My grand dad had to lose two of his fingers in his right hand for this accident.

People, especially his lawyer friend urged him to sue the driver. The case was quite simple to win , ready with witnesses who also were upset with the driver's attitude.

My grandfather could not care less. He said, "I am an old guy, short of hearing. The sahib has no grudge on me to harm me. It's just an accident. I don't have the time to waste my energy on anger."

Rather he started practicing writing with his left hand and gave all his time and energy on writing for anti malaria projects. Soon he became the editor of that anti- malaria magazine.

Today, it's my father's birthday. He was a great guy. Most of all he was my dad. He gave us so much. What did I give him? All I can do is pass on the legacy to his grand kids who unfortunately may not be able to read his works. His books are written in Bengali.

Not only that, I wanted to share it with the whole world . My only request if you happen to land here please do drop me a comment. That way I'll know that you came to visit me.


SharDon Exclusives said...

My Daddy passed away three years ago. He had a MAJOR influence on who I am today. He is the one who made me seek approval and never get it. He is the one who would cry over a puppy but not his children. He taught me to be stubborn & survive. WE parents can break the cycle or continue on with regrets, my kids KNOW their fathers love. My Daddy loved me but with huge restrictions attached. I still loved him, I still wanted his approval I never got it but I DO have My Heavenly Fathers approval & that is enough for me! I would have loved your father but most of all your Grandpa. You are so fortunate... sharon

SharDon Exclusives said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you that I have added your blog to my list and would love to feature your blog, IF that is me be sure to mention the blog in the RE: tks....sharon

mou said...

I read the stories and enjoyed sharing them...Also,the articles regarding good parenting were very helpful that I found elsewhere in your site.I would like to know more from you on this subject.I'll come back here again in search of them.Thank-you.

Antara said...

Hello -- here's a comment! This is a nice story.

Amit said...

While a good part of legacy may happen to be genetic and includes your birthright, a greater part may be more generic as the legacy of all humanity to which you owe your senses - and it is so nice to see you use and sharpen them so well through your work itself to enjoy life and love this world little by little, evermore ... wish you continued success.

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