Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diwali wishes and big sale in my etsy store.

I am having a big sale in my etsy store All items are free of shipping charge. Ten percent of the sale will be donated to women for women project.This is a Diwali Sale.

Diwali is a big festival in India - where I come from originally. It'll happen on the new moon night this month. The whole nation, the cities, rural people in villages, all will get ready to clean up and start with new things. My mom used to get busy getting rid of clutter and old worn out things.The house might be painted, or washed, we'd get new things to wear and oh there would be food of course. Great food of my childhood.

We'd make the clay lamps ready to light our verandas, electric string lights would go on wrapping the tree branches and so, children would light phooljhuris which can be literally translated as "flower-lights" and all kinds of fire cracker will take away all the evilness and ignorance out of the darkness and fill up with light sparks.

This is the time when we wish each other health and happiness. And that is what I want to pass on to you too.
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